Some answers to commonly asked questions!

My vote rank didn't update even though I have the correct amount of votes!

Voting offline is a bit weird when it comes to the auto-rank up. Just open a support ticket in #support channel to get your rank updated! To avoid needing a manual rank-up, you can vote while being online in the future to get automatically promoted.

Why aren't my votes working?

If you are on Bedrock make sure you type your name exactly as it appears in-game. This means you need include the BR_ prefix when voting as it is a part of your username. The voting sites also only allow one vote per IP address meaning two people in the same household can't both vote. To fix this one person will have to vote using a VPN.

My votes/vote-points don't work on other servers!

If your votes work on one server but not the others, or if your votes appear as "..."/"0" then to fix this you need to vote while being online. After voting online, your vote counter should start counting normally again, and you can open up a ticket #support to get the missing votepoints back. You won't be able to collect any missing lucky votes though.

Will the server map ever restart?

The Overworld/Nether/End will NEVER be reset. When any new update hits that impacts world generation or if the map gets overpopulated over time, the world border will expand to reflect these changes. The resource world may be wiped occasionally, though advanced notice will be given on the Discord.

How do I become staff?

A: Check out #announcements to see when positions are available. Things we always look for in staff members is activity, friendliness, and maturity. When you do end up applying, we will be looking at how well you showed these traits off.

What do pets look look like?

You can view all pets before you get them in this link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1PBvYnRUlfhd6AVdqC3_RbdDcfP46xSpxHbI1fEMY_10/edit?usp=sharing. For bedrock players, pets will NOT appear correctly, and will only look like a bunch of Steve heads.

How do I get my own dedicated Blossom item in a crate?

Generally we dedicate items to players who are active in the community and help us create a really fun and positive environment. You can suggest your own item or for others in #suggestions though it's not required. There is a ton of players to go through so you might have to wait a few volumes to get in!

Why can't I see the main Channels?

You can check #roles channel and claim either the Cherry/Spirit/Lotus/Tulip role to get access to your communities channels, you can claim all the roles if you want!

Farmer isn't paying me properly!

Currently its a known and common bug that breaking blocks in farmer wont always pay you as the block registration is a bit weird with growing crops and trees. I recommend you stick to natural trees or let the trees/crops sit there for a while before harvesting.
Last modified 3mo ago