All the available commands are listed on this page! If you need a list of basic commands, check out /help in-game. These commands are available for all players of any rank. Extra commands and perks may be unlocked by purchasing a rank at https://shop.blossomcraft.org/.

General Commands

/sethome <name> ━ Sets your home at your current position.
/delhome <name> ━ Removes the specified home.
/home <name> ━ Teleports you to the specified home.
/homes ━ Lists the names of all your homes.
/ignore <player> ━ Ignore the specified player, hiding their chat messages from you. Running the command again, un-ignores them.
/rtp ━ Randomly teleport to the Survival world.
/wild ━ Randomly teleport to the Resource world.
/tpa <player> ━ Send someone a teleport request for you to teleport to their location.
/tpahere <player> ━ Sends someone a teleport request for them to teleport to your location.
/tpa cancel ━ Cancels your outgoing teleport request.
/accept ━ Accepts any pending teleport requests.
/warps ━ Lists all the available server warps.
/warp <warp> ━ Teleports you to the specified server warp.
/realname <player> ━ View player's actual username if only their nickname is visible.
/antidrop ━ Toggles the drop protection. Disable at your own risk.
/msgtoggle ━ Toggles other players being able to send messages to you.
/tptoggle ━ Disables players from sending tpa and tpahere requests.
/mail send <player> <message> ━ Sends the player a message that they can read when they come back online. Works on both offline or online players.
/mail read ━ Reads all mail sent to you.
/bedrock━ Displays useful Bedrock player information
/pets ━ Opens your pet inventory.

Claiming Commands

/abandonclaim ━ Removes the current claim your are standing in.
/abandonallclaims ━ Removes ALL of your claims.
/subdivideclaim ━ Use while holding a golden shovel. Activates subdivide mode. Allows you to make claims within your claims. These claims can be given different permissions than the parent claim.
/extendclaim <amount> ━ Extends your claim to the direction you are currently facing by the amount specified.
/accesstrust <player> ━ Gives a player access to buttons, and levers in the claim.
/containertrust <player> ━ Gives a player access to containers in the claim.
/permissiontrust <player> ━ Gives a player access to trust other players. They may give /trust, /accesstrust, /containertrust.
/trust <player> ━ Gives a player the ability to build, break, and open/take from containers as well as interact with mobs.
/untrust <player> ━ Revoke all trust for that specific player in the claim you are standing in.
/trustlist ━ View the trust given to all players in the claim you are standing in.
/claimlist ━ View all your land claims and their locations.
/buyclaimblocks <amount> ━ Buy claim blocks with in-game money. Each block costs $1.
/sellclaimblocks <amount> ━ Sell claim blocks with in-game money. Each block gives $0.3.

Economy Commands

/bal ━ Displays your current balance.
/bal <player> ━ Displays the balance of the specified user.
/pay <player> <amount> ━ Pays money to the specified user.
/ah ━ Opens up the auction house.
/ah sell <price> ━ Sells the held for the specified price.
/jobs browse ━ Opens up the jobs GUI, where you can view/join/leave jobs. You can unlock more job slots by voting and ranking up.
/jobs join <job> ━ Joins the specified job.
/jobs leave <job> ━ Leaves the specified job. You lose 10% of your levels when you leave a job.
/jobs stats <player> ━ Displays the players current jobs levels.
/jobs top <job> ━ Displays leaderboard of players by level (does not work for bedrock).
/jobs clearownership — Clear all owned blocks for the Smither job. (Furnaces, smokers, blast furnaces and brewer stands).
/jobs log — Shows you a log of how much you earned on a certain job.
/jobs quests — Opens up side quests depending on the jobs a player is part of.
/trade <player> ━ Sends a trade request to the specified player.
/trade accept ━ Accepts the pending trade offer.
/trade deny ━ Denies the pending trade offer.
/maplock ━ Locks the currently held maps so they are unabled to be copied. Costs $50 per map. Mainly useful for map art.

Chest Shop Commands

You can also right-click an existing shop to open up a bunch of options instead of typing out the individual commands.
/shop help ━ Lists all the shop commands in-game.
/shop create <price> ━ Creates a chest shop of the item you are holding for the specified price. (You can also punch a chest and type the price in chat)
/shop <buy/sell> ━ Sets the chest shop to buying or selling mode.
/shop remove ━ Removes the shop you are looking at.
/shop staff <add/remove/clear> <user> ━ Adds/removes the specified user to the shops staff list, or clears the staff list. This user can open the chest and interact with the items. Users have to be added individually for every chest shop.
/qs find <item> ━ Searches the nearest shop for the specified item. (small search radius, to be used in a specific store).
/qs item ━ Changes shop you are looking at to the item you are currentlying holding.
/qs price <amount> ━ Edits the price of the shop you are looking at.

Player Warp Commands

/pw ━ Opens up the player warps browser.
/pw <warp> ━ Travels to a warp.
/pw set <warp> ━ Creates a player warp at your location. Player warps cost $1k to set up, and $1k every real life week to maintain.
/pw desc set/remove <warp> <description> ━ Sets a description for your the specified warp.
/pw category <warp> <category> ━ Sets your warp's category.
/pw icon set/remove <warp> ━ Sets your held item as warp icon.
/pw reset <warp> ━ Sets your warp’s location to your current location.
/pw rename <warp> <name> ━ Renames your warp.
/pw ban set/remove/list <warp> <player> ━ Bans, unbans or lists banned players for the specified warp.
/pw setowner set/accept/cancel <warp> <player> ━ Transfers the PW specified to the specified player.
/pw setowner set ((((0blaze0)))) __Kiwii
/pw rate <warp> <rating> ━ Rate other player warps. Available ratings are 1 to 5.
/pw remove <warp> ━ Completely removes the specified warp. All visits and statistics will be lost.
/pw favourite <warp> ━ Adds the PW to your favorite list.
/pw lock <warp> ━ Locks or unlocks own warp for public access.

Vote Commands

/vote ━ Opens the vote GUI. Voting for the server gives you rewards, vote points, and ranks!
/ranks ━ Displays the vote ranks, their perks, and required votes.
/voteshop ━ Exchange your vote points for rewards.
/crates ━ Teleports you to the crate hall.
/pinata ━ Teleports you to the vote party. (Will be announced in chat when it happens)
/votetotal ━ Displays your current votes statistics, updates quicker than the normal GUI.
/votepoints ━ Displays your current points, updates quicker than the normal GUI.

Party Commands

/party create ━ Create a new party.
/party invite ━ Invite a player to your party.
/party chat <on/off> ━ Toggle party chat.
/party leave ━ Leave your party.
/party sethome ━ Set party home.
/party home ━ Teleport to party home.
/party desc <desc/remove> ━ Set party description.
/party motd <motd/remove> ━ Set party motd.
/back ━ Teleports you to your last teleported/death location.
/fly ━ Toggles fly.
/nick <nickname> ━ Changes your display name to the specified nickname. Celestials may use RGB or normal color codes.
/chatcolor gui ━ Opens the chatcolor menu where you can modify your chat color.
/chatcolor available ━ Shows color codes and text formats that is also followed for sign or anvil colors.
/chatcolor gui ━ Sets your color to an RGB color code.
/eglow ━ Opens the chatcolor menu where you can modify your player outline color.
/showitem ━ Displays the current held item for everyone in chat.
/ec ━ Opens your enderchest.
/backpack ━ Opens your backpack.
/wb ━ Opens a crafting table for you to use.
/anvil ━ Opens a anvil for you to use.
/loom ━ Opens a loom for you to use.
/smithtable ━ Opens a blacksmith table for you to use.
/stonecutter ━ Opens a stone cutter for you to use.
/trash ━ Opens a menu where you can put items you want destroyed. Items destroyed here are NOT retrievable, so make sure you only trash unwanted items.
/hat ━ Puts the held item on your head.
/ptime <time> ━ Sets your personal time.
/pweather <weather> ━ Sets your personal weather.
/feed ━ Restores all your hunger bars.
/heal ━ Restores all your hunger and health bars.
/rename <name> ━ Renames the held item to the specified name.
/fix ━ Repairs the held item.
/condense ━ Condenses items into a more compact blocks. Eg. Diamonds to diamond blocks.
/kittycannon ━ Shoots out an exploding cat.
/beecannon ━ Shoots out an exploding bee.

Claim Flags Commands

Do /setClaimFlag to set a flag.
Do /unsetClaimFlag to remove a flag.
Do /listClaimFlags to list flags.
Flags available to everyone
  • ReadLecterns
  • NoEnterPlayer
  • RaidMemberOnly (Only trusted players will be able to initiate raids)
Immortal+ Flags
  • NoEnter
  • NoMobSpawns
  • AllowPVP
  • NoHunger
  • InfiniteArrows
  • NoLeafDecay
  • EnterMessage
  • NoFlight
  • NoElytra
  • KeepLevel
  • NoGrowth
  • NoVineGrowth
Celestial+ Flags
  • NoMonsterSpawns
  • HealthRegen
  • ExitMessage
  • NoGrowth
  • NoOpenDoors
  • ProtectNamedMobs
  • NoChorusFruit
  • NoFallDamage
  • NoIceForm
  • NoSnowForm
  • NoEnderPearl

Misc Commands

/lay ━ Lay down.
/sit ━ Sit down. You can also sit by right-clicking a half-slab, or carpet.
/crawl ━ Start crawling.
/bellyflop ━ Flop on to your face.
/spin ━ Start spinning!
/pptoggle ━ Disables visibility of blossom item particles. /togglearmor - Disables visibility of armor.
/marry <name> ━ Sends a marriage request to another player. Costs $1k to marry someone. You can have multiple partners.
/marry divorce <name> ━ Divorces you from a player.
/marry gift <name> ━ Instantly gives the item you are holding to your partner.
/marry chat <message> ━ Sends a message to all your partners.
/marry chattoggle ━ Toggles your regular chat to only appear in marry chat.
/marry sethome/delhome/home ━ Sets, deletes or teleports you to your shared marry home.
/marry seen <partner> ━ Tells you when your partner was last online.
/marry kiss ━ Kisses your partner.
/marry hug ━ Hugs your partner.
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